Perfect Diver issue 3

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In the third issue on 100 pages we publish a dozen different articles accompanied by great photos. The first one concerns spectacular discoveries on a global scale. A group of Polish archaeologists, in agreement with the Guatemala authorities, flew to Central America to explore the region of the last Mayan bastion. Staying in the climate of archaeology, it is worth noting that in Italy, between the towns of Baiae and Pozzuoli, on the Bay of Naples, today there is a sunken city. It is available to recreational divers and it is extremely interesting because we can see there lots of monuments dating back to the time before Christ. We also have some amazing destinations for you on the world map. The kingdom of sharks in Fiji in a very well written account of Sylwia Kosmalska-Juriewicz and the amazing and unique Lembeh Strait in Indonesia, which is the dream of all the fanatics of macro photography.  Immerse yourself in reading now ...



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