Photos: Wojciech Pruski


Recreationally, technically and touristically

Wojciech Pruski talks to Nikolas Giannoulakis

Marine life in Crete is typically Mediterranean, the same as in Italy, Malta, or Croatia, for example. There is plenty of it. In Chania, in Souda Bay, which is slightly different because of the microclimate, the marine life is much richer.

You can also encounter turtles during the summer season. Octopuses are often seen, as well as cuttlefish. If we are lucky, after the season, we can encounter seals in Seal Cave.  



Cyprus. From Limassol to Protaras,  part II

Text and photos: Wojciech Zgoła

The end of September 2022 was approaching. Half of our stay in Cyprus was already over. At the restaurant Kyrenia Fish Tavern located on the Mediterranean shore we were summing up our dives in the Limassol area, where there is a highly recommended diving base Blue Thunder. We went crazy and ordered a seafood plate for 4 people and white local wine. There was a light breeze blowing from the water. From there we shot an online dive for Perfect Diver's FB wall.

We were tired but very satisfied with the so far discovery of Aphrodite Island. However, there were still exciting explorations ahead. Near Larnaca, Zenobia was awaiting us, and in Protaras we wanted to dive in Green Bay. To top it off, we also desired to take a walk in fins at MUSAN, an underwater museum in Ayia Napa.

We got up at 6 in the morning. The sun had also recently risen. The day promised to be warm and sunny...


MF Jan Heweliusz.
An underwater museum or a cemetery 

Text and photos: Łukasz Metrycki

Never in my underwater career have I met divers so focused on their passion as those who love wreck diving. It’s hardly a wonder, as this type of diving combines the obvious pleasures of our hobby with a very intimate encounter with the world’s history, the majesty of sunken ships and a certain darkness that shrouds them.

Wrecks we most often see are those from various armed conflicts, with the most prominent ones from WW2, but we can also find wrecks scuttled for tourist use as artificial reefs – specifically meant for divers. Good examples of such wrecks include Um El-Faroud – a Libyan tanker scuttled off the coast of Malta, or USS Lincoln County – an American tank landing ship, purchased by the Royal Thai Navy where it served until 2006. The latter was scuttled off the coast of Koh Chang Island in 2012...


Blood-beaked wading birds 

Text and photos: Wojciech Jarosz

Contrary to the title, it will not be a story about barbarian creatures ruthlessly attacking their victims and dipping their beaks in their blood like a Witcher with his sword in the flesh of strigas, gargoyles or the drowned from swamps. Although the Hitchcockian tone can be exciting, this time we will look at a peaceful and discreet species of wading bird, which can only threaten the invertebrates it eats.

The name is "redshank" comes from the colour of its legs [note from translator: in Poland – the name is "redbeak", and comes from the colour of its beak], as you Dear Readers already guessed.  In the mating season, a vivid red colour is clearly visible, and only at the beaks end it turns into black. However, not only the beak is red in the redshank, because such are also its long, as in most Charadriformes and certainly in wading birds, legs. 



Over a hundred years ago the first hydrothermal caves were discovered in the vicinity of the Rózsadomb (Budapest). 


This story began long, long ago – at a time when entire Gaul was covered by dense forests crossed only rarely by Roman roads. 


My meeting with Manta on Komodo was almost a spiritual experience. I have seen them in other parts of Indonesia before, like Nusa Penida, but I have never been so close to them alone. 


There is a place on earth where ice meets fire, high mountain peaks climb majestically to the sky, and the water flowing from them in the form of mighty waterfalls crosses the lowlands with multi-coloured ribbons of rivers. 


First settlers arrived at Ostrów by the end of the 9th century. A small gord (fortified wooden settlement) was built there at that time. 

ANTARCTICA 2019, in the footsteps of Shackleton

The idea of diving in Antarctica has been in my head for a very long time. Looking for a way to get to the last bastion of wild nature, I was thinking about the mode of transport. 


Podcasts video

How to get started with the Prism2 rebreather

How to start closed circuit diving? About the advantages and disadvantages of the Prism rebreather in an interview with Wojciech Pruski.

Baltictech2022 – report from the event

The number of people, the quality of the lectures and the dynamics of the talks made us very positive.

ENG @Divesoft from 46:37 to 52:55 

ENG Easydive from 52:56 to 56:19 

ENG #Suex from 56:20 to 57:30 

ENG #Macedonia from 57:31 to 59:37 

ENG #UHMalta english from 59:38 to 01:05:08 

ENG Centre for Underwater Archaeology NCU in Torun i #Lednica od 01:05:09  

Deepspot from the backstage

We invite you to the facilities. Where an ordinary visitor never goes. How much did the famous and only footbridge in the world cost? How is the water in this huge pool filtered? 

Podcasts video

Interview with Simon Toulson-Clarke, leader of the Red Box band

An interview with Simon Toulson-Clarke, leader of the cult group Red Box, about diving and sea travel. Love or jealousy, what made Simon go diving?

What are Red Box group leader's favorite dive sites? Does Simon dive naked or in a dry suit? Why does he need a flashlight in the middle of the ocean?



HONORATKA - divig spot

Travel reports

PD Project „3 OCEANS”

Perfect diver project "3 oceans" in progress. We dived in 3 oceans in a few weeks. The Pacific Ocean greeted us with a water temperature of 29 C, the Indian Ocean cooled it down to 23 C, and the Atlantic Ocean refreshed it with 14 C.

Everyone is beautiful, everyone has their secrets. After almost 20 years of diving, we should be jaded, yet many things surprised us. It's great to fly far away, but some things, it turns out, are right under your nose.

Follow Perfect Diver and stay up to date. What we saw and what we experienced in Portugal we included in the video material.

The 3 Oceans project was supported by

DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network Europe) – they make us feel safe

Tecline – thanks to them we keep trim on stormy oceans and catch our breath

ECN-Systemy Nurkowe, BARE – keeps us dry

Activtour.pl Wyprawy Nurkowe – thanks to them we have more possibilities

Portugal Dive – thanks to them we discover what is unknown and is under our noses

The project "One Earth - 3 OCEANS". Atlantic Ocean around the city of Sesimbra




In front of you is a guide to a selection of the Island of Aphrodite’s dive spots, hopefully the best or most interesting ones.

Ideal for divers, free divers, lovers of the azure water and water sports, but also for those who accompany them.

The guide was created to provide a comprehensive look at the underwater attractions of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Republic of Cyprus in one place, without having to search the Internet.

Of the many dive spots available along the entire length of the island’s coastline, we decided to present to you the most interesting and in our opinion worth visiting spots.

Diving is popular in Cyprus because the conditions for water sports, including diving and freediving, are excellent. The Mediterranean Sea here is pleasantly warm, the waters clear, reaching up to several tens of metres of visibility. The infrastructure will satisfy every diving enthusiast. On the Island of Aphrodite there are a great number of diving centres, scattered from one end to the other. Finally, Cyprus is the ideal place to start your diving adventure, as well as to develop your skills. Among the dive sites there are those for beginners, as well as those available for advanced divers and so-called technical divers.

In the Guide we do not focus on the rich history of Cyprus, we do not tell you about the culture and art. We want to show what is under the water. The rich and varied marine life, the wrecks and their submerged secrets, the animate and inanimate nature.

However, as a diver does not live by diving alone, we will suggest to you what to eat on the island, what to try and where to relax with your family or a group of friends. We hope that the tourist and culinary suggestions between dives will also arouse your curiosity.

Enjoy the underwater exploration of one of the most interesting and warmest corners of Europe, despite the fact that geographically Cyprus belongs to Asia 

All you have to do is find a flight, choose a proper area, arrive and dive to your heart’s content.

Geographical location of dive sites

Cyprus in free time from diving

Sometimes it's too windy and they cancel dives. If you don't want to just lie on a deckchair in a 5* all inclusive hotel waiting for calmer water - see what you can do on land in Cyprus :)

#visitcyprus #diving #afterdiving #scubadiving #sightseeing #houseofaion #pafos 


30th CLEAN UP ACTION (September 16, 2023!)

Wągrowiec hosts the second day of the Grand Finale of the 30 World Cleanup Campaign (September 16, 2023!).

On Wednesday, April 12, the newly established EKO Park in Wągrowiec greeted us with fresh greenery, swans roaming the water, wild ducks leaning out of their nests and shoals of small fish.

In beautiful natural circumstances, the team of the Municipal Office headed by Jarosław Berendt - Mayor of the City of Wągrowiec, Wojciech Zgoła - Chief Perfect Diver and Coordinator of Underwater Cleaning of Our Earth Foundation decided that the second day of the final of our jubilee 30 World Cleaning Action will take place in Wągrowiec! We will work closely with Łukasz Szymański

With divers, just like last year, we will clean Lake Durowskie. Those who have been know that the garbage is still waiting for us there. You can prove yourself too! We will also clean two intersecting rivers: Wełna and Nielba, and their banks. We will also take care of order on land.

In addition - as befits the jubilee, the cleaning action will be accompanied by plenty of attractions prepared jointly by the Foundation and the city of Wągrowiec. So it will happen! We can't wait! Divers of all Federations, save the date 09/16/2023 (Saturday) and come. Follow Perfect Diver and Our Earth Foundation for more details and submit your local underwater cleanups