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Editorial Team

We create a Diving Magazine about diving in a broad sense. We strive for perfection in what and how we do underwater.

Our editorial team brings together passionates, enthusiasts and diving specialists. We cannot live away from the water environment. We love its smell, taste and listen to it carefully.

Our materials show you the farthest and closest corners of our planet, focusing on water reservoirs. We will make you move to the underwater world. We will put you in a positive mood, you will gain spirit and fill yourself with energy. We want you to really make your dreams come true.

The underwater world will fascinate you completely. It is beautiful, incredibly colorful and interesting, where water and the wonder of creation reign.

Wojciech Zgoła

Passionate about diving and pure nature. He likes to say that he travels by diving. He learned to swim when he was less than 6 years old. At the age of 15, he obtained a yacht sailor's license and has been diving since 2006. He has completed over 800 dives in various regions of the world. He wrote and published many articles.

Co-author of photo exhibitions. An advocate of leaving the place of residence clean and unblemished. Diving promoter. Since 2008 he has been running his own website www.dive-adventure.eu. Based on extensive experience, in 2018 he created the new Perfect Diver Magazine, which has been successfully published regularly every two months in Polish and English for over 4 years.

Anna Sołoducha

A graduate of geography at the University of Wrocław, an incorrigible optimist... permanently with a smile on her lips 

I have been diving since 2002, which is more than half of my life  I started diving in Polish waters, to which I willingly return during the year – and it gives me great pleasure! :) I must have come to Activtour by destiny and I have stayed here for good... for over 10 years! I am passionate about fulfilling people's dreams by preparing diving trips around the world!  Personally – I fly and dive in different seas and seas whenever I can, because it is one of the loves of my life  Since the beginning of the existence of the PD magazine, I have been transferring my memories of diving trips to paper, sharing my passion with others and I can't stop writing ;) 2023 permanently in the PD editorial office – hoping to bring her some "fresh blood" ;) A diving dream come true: Galapagos! Still ahead of me… Antarctica! If I don't dive, I choose skiing, tennis or strong rock sounds! ;) The motto that I really like is: "Be realistic – start dreaming"! :)

anna@activtour.pl; www.activtour.pl

Karola Takes Photos

Karolina Sztaba, and professionally Karola Takes Photos, is a photographer by education and passion. She is currently working at the Trawangan Dive Center on a tiny island in Indonesia – Gili Trawangan, where she moved to live four years ago. She photographs above and below the water. In addition, she creates photographic projects against littering the oceans and polluting our planet with plastic ("Trapped", "Trashion"). She cooperates with NGO organizations dealing with environmental protection and actively participates in pro-ecological actions (coral protection, coral planting, cleaning the world, protection of endangered species). She is also the official photographer of Ocean Mimic – a brand that creates swimwear and surfwear from rubbish collected on the beaches of Bali. She cooperated with many brands of diving equipment for which she created advertising campaigns. In 2019, she became the ambassador of the Polish company Tecline. She has been a technical diver for two years.