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Isadora Abuter Grebe

Enthusiastic diver, scientist, and wildlife conservationist. Isadora is researching the biological significance on shipwrecks for marine ecosystems. Driven by curiosity, she wants to learn about nature, as well as “how to become a better diver”. Being still in the beginnings of her diving-career she is enjoying the path of overcoming obstacles by learning from more experienced divers, using adequate configuration and practicing.

Dominika Aleksanderek

A multi-task unit: she combines passion for literature, skiing, diving and psychology. In Nautica since the Big Bang. In the company, she deals with everything, and in addition, she is a diving guide, an expert on human needs – that is, the head of marketing, she initiates and leads long-distance expeditions. He still thinks that Croatia is the most beautiful in the world. Works at Nautica Safari. nautica.pl Dominika.Aleksanderek@nautica.pl

Krzysztof G. Brudkowski

A legal advisor by profession, trying to help, not win at all costs. A fan of warm climates and blue water. He started diving in 2018 as a development of his favorite snorkeling. He now plans almost every trip to get his fins wet somewhere. His teenage son Damian is his partner in diving. Recently, he has been watching the underwater world through the camera's viewfinder, wanting to preserve fleeting memories. He has reached the Deep Diver level in diving and it probably will not end there. 

Jacek Bugajski

Water has always accompanied me since I was a child. It's my element, passion and sport. Starting from games in the water, through the swimming section, until 2001. Then I tried to breathe from a tank under water for the first time. I knew right away that this was what I wanted to do. Fascinated by diving, I began to acquire various skills, take part in courses and learn the secrets of technical diving. However, it was only thanks to my wife that I got to know the full range of possibilities that the underwater world hides. We started with the wife's Lumix, then GoPro, then the first, and then the second SLR camera (Nikon D850) in a solid housing. Especially the macro world attracts me like a magnet, but large marine animals are also extremely beautiful and fascinating to me. In my photographic work I mainly use two lenses: 105mm macro and 8–15mm fisheye.

Michał Czerniak

A graduate of the Poznań University of Technology, financier, the auditor. A diver fascinated by theory diving – physics and physiology. In love passionate about history in underwater archaeology Ancient Rome, active Centurion in the group reconstructionist Bellator Societas (Rome I century BC). He dreams of attending at least once underwater archaeological research a then describe everything in a series of columns.

It can be found as often as under water in Japan, whose culture and history he has been fascinated by nearly three decades.

Dominik Dopierała

He has been diving forever, he does not remember his first dives. The only thing he remembers is that diving has always been his passion. He spent his entire childhood on Polish lakes, which he still prefers to distant destinations. With great success, he turned his passion into a way of life and business.
Curiosity of the world and constant striving for perfection are the main features that definitely hinder him in life. Professional diving instructor, photographer, filmmaker.
Creator of the DECO Diving Center, PADI Course Director, TecTrimix Instructor Trainer TECREC. 

Aldona Dreger

Zodiac Libra. Enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle, fond of active leisure. Lover of the underwater world and underwater photography. HR employee, and after hours SDI diving instructor, Vital Mentor, Diet coach. Thanks to her passion for psychology, working with people and the ability to listen, she knows that everything starts in the head. He highly values ​​the ability to communicate without words underwater. Water helped her discover completely unknown mobility possibilities, and overcoming her own limitations, as well as learning something new in the natural environment, in the context of communing with nature, helped her rebuild her mental condition. 

Piotr Kopeć

...better known as Wąski.
Professionally, the main health and safety specialist, fire protection inspector and first aid instructor. Privately, husband and father of his daughter. A member of the Bellator Societas, where he is called St. Marcin, because every year he plays the character during the name day of the street on November 11 in Poznań. Of course, for many years an avid diver. He loves technical diving, especially those on wrecks and everything related to activity above and below water :) 

Tomasz Kulczyński

For Tomek, diving has always been his greatest passion. He started his adventure at the age of 14, developing into a recreational and technical diving instructor, a first aid instructor and a diving industry technician. Currently, he runs the 5* COMPASS DIVERS Pobiedziska Diving Center near Poznań, where he passes his knowledge and skills to beginners and advanced divers, which gives him great joy and satisfaction from being part of their underwater adventure...

Karen van den Oever

Karen van den Oever is a Cave and Trimix Diver and Instructor based in South Africa. Karen along with her husband (Francois) are owners and founders of "Somewhere Out There Diving". "Somewhere Out There Diving" was created for the purposes of out of the ordinary, expedition and exploration type diving trips. Karen is very passionate about technical diving and cave diving and in March 2021 set a new Woman’s World Record for the deepest Scuba dive with a depth of 236.04m, in Boesmansgat Cave in South Africa and in October 2022 bettered that record with a depth of 246.56. Karen has a passion for exploration  and also enjoy teaching others and sharing her knowledge and passion for technical diving. 

Wojciech Pruski

Diving and first aid instructor, a photographer and a founder of the Good Dive diving school. He himself dives the Prism 2, a vessel ideal for photographing more skittish animals. He is fascinated by cave and wreck diving. In addition to diving and photography, he also likes travelling and exploring previously unknown parts of the world. If he doesn't dive - he runs or rides a bike. He just likes to spend time actively and be in good shape. Diving gives him the opportunity to break away from everyday life and a feeling of total freedom. If he does not train under water, he can always be found with a camera or camcorder. 

Agnieszka Romańczuk

Professionally, I am a long-term practitioner in the field of human resources management with 25 years of experience in renowned corporations, 8 years in Singapore. I have also lived and worked in Europe and the USA. For many years I have been passionate about psychology and psychotherapy, the problems of professional burnout and coping with change. I completed postgraduate studies in psychotherapy and obtained a Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy from The School of Positive Psychology in Singapore. 

Piotr Stós

Photographer, biologist, storyteller, SSI Instructor Trainer. He considers it his duty to teach diving at every level. Since the dawn of time, he has been associated with Nautica with an inseparable umbilical cord of co-ownership. He nests on the Croatian island of Vis, on safari boats in Egypt and where under water it is beautiful as the world long and wide. He works at Nautica Safari. nautica.pl Piotr.Stos@nautica.pl 

Marcin Trzciński

A graduate of the University of Warsaw. An underwater photographer and filmmaker, has been diving since 1995. A co-operator at the Department of Underwater Archeology at the University of Warsaw. He publishes in diving magazines in Poland and abroad. The owner of the FotoPodwodna company which is the Polish representative of Ikelite, Nauticam, Inon, ScubaLamp companies. 

Jacek Twardowski

Aquarius by birth. Underwater photography enthusiast.

Sailor, lover of underwater archeology and wreck diving.

TDI SDI diving instructor. Professionally, he builds housing estates and holiday homes. 

Bogdan Zając

I live in Świnoujście, I have been diving since 2009. The current dive rank is advanced nitrox in IDF and AOWD in SSI. Photography course with Irena Strangierska. Number of dives 450.

Przemysław Zyber

My adventure with photography began long before I started diving. From the very first dive I dreamed that I would be accompanied by a camera. As I became more adept at diving, my photography gear evolved as well. From a simple gopro camera through a compact and SLR camera to a full-frame mirrorless camera. Now I can't imagine diving without a camera. I have the impression that underwater photography gives meaning to my diving.