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In front of you is a guide to a selection of the Island of Aphrodite’s dive spots, hopefully the best or most interesting ones.

Ideal for divers, free divers, lovers of the azure water and water sports, but also for those who accompany them.

The guide was created to provide a comprehensive look at the underwater attractions of the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of the Republic of Cyprus in one place, without having to search the Internet.

Of the many dive spots available along the entire length of the island’s coastline, we decided to present to you the most interesting and in our opinion worth visiting spots.

Diving is popular in Cyprus because the conditions for water sports, including diving and freediving, are excellent. The Mediterranean Sea here is pleasantly warm, the waters clear, reaching up to several tens of metres of visibility. The infrastructure will satisfy every diving enthusiast. On the Island of Aphrodite there are a great number of diving centres, scattered from one end to the other. Finally, Cyprus is the ideal place to start your diving adventure, as well as to develop your skills. Among the dive sites there are those for beginners, as well as those available for advanced divers and so-called technical divers.

In the Guide we do not focus on the rich history of Cyprus, we do not tell you about the culture and art. We want to show what is under the water. The rich and varied marine life, the wrecks and their submerged secrets, the animate and inanimate nature.

However, as a diver does not live by diving alone, we will suggest to you what to eat on the island, what to try and where to relax with your family or a group of friends. We hope that the tourist and culinary suggestions between dives will also arouse your curiosity.

Enjoy the underwater exploration of one of the most interesting and warmest corners of Europe, despite the fact that geographically Cyprus belongs to Asia 

All you have to do is find a flight, choose a proper area, arrive and dive to your heart’s content.

Cyprus – geographical location of dive sites

Cypr w czasie wolnym od nurkowania

Sometimes it's too windy and they cancel dives. If you don't want to just lie on a deckchair in a 5* all inclusive hotel waiting for calmer water – see what you can do on land in Cyprus :) 

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