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Stylish, very durable, and totally waterproof box for your car keys.

Made of anodised aluminium (plus plastic lids) in black. The box has a low displacement of just 0.2 litres and a positive buoyancy of +40g.

Incredible durability, even down to 400 m depth – you probably won't need that much :)



Choosing an undersuit is one of the three steps towards “dry diving.”

The correct order of purchases is as follows: 1. Underwear, 2. Undersuit, 3. Drysuit

Both underwear and the undersuit need to fit (along with the diver themselves, of course :) into the suit, and what’s more important, the diver needs to be safe wearing the suit. 



After long discussions with the Decathlon brand, we decided that we would not test just one of the products that is available in the diving category. The article and test must contain information that for our readers and those starting their diving adventure will be a comprehensive answer, concerning the whole set of equipment needed for diving, and this is exactly what we did. 



When you consider investing in a drysuit, first of all you want it to be dry also after diving. There are as many opinions as there are manufacturers. Apparently, buying your second or even further suits is easier.

Let’s not focus on instructors and people who dive several hundred times a year or those working under difficult conditions. Instead, let’s focus on recreational and intermediate technical divers – those who make a couple of dozen of dives a year.

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Tecline Protherm

How is it that a wetsuit stays “warm”?

How to select a wetsuit appropriate for the intense diving an instructor has to do?

Which features of the suit will allow it to be used with a harness and plate?

Great thermal comfort is only guaranteed by a wetsuit that fits closely to the diver’s body in several key areas: around the wrists, near the feet at the ankles, around the diver’s neck.

How is it that the suit is warm?...

#Rebreather #Prism2


Nick Hollis explains

The PRISM 2 is a simple and reliable rebreather that can be used for all types of diving from the shallowest photography dives to the deepest exploration dives. P2 owners are the silent stormtroopers of the underwater world.

On a recent liveaboard trip (pre-Covid) there were a number of rebreathers from different manufacturers and a few PRISM 2’s on board.  The divers on the trip saw that the PRISM 2 was one of the few that performed consistently and reliability and that those P2 divers didn’t miss a dive. 

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As the editorial staff of Perfect Diver, we really like testing new products... And probably most readers would have in mind diving news and technologically advanced equipment:) This time, however, we decided to test a product available in the optical industry, dedicated to fogging goggles. A small, 15 ml bottle with atomiser to solve the problem of fogging mask...?

#Garmin #MK2i #Computer #Dive computer

or a subjective Garmin multitool review

MK2i is Garmin’s top second edition dive computer. As an alternative, MK2 – a stripped version of MK2i – is available, deprived of some features and materials. But stripped does not mean bad. Simply not everyone needs a titanium case or wireless transmitter support. For testing, we got an MK2i – with a sapphire crystal and titanium case, covered with a diamond-like carbon layer. There were no signs of wear or tear on the watch, no scratches on the case after the tests, so Garmin is keeping up to their standard. 

#Heated vest


Electric heating of the diver is already a standard in countries where the water temperature often drops below 9 degrees Celsius, not mentioning ice or deep dives, where the water temperature can be 3-4 degrees Celsius. On the market there are various solutions related to electric heating, with external batteries.

We present to you the offer of the Northern Diver company – a heated vest with an internal battery. The vest has been designed and manufactured with the comfort of the diver in mind. 

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Oceanic dive computers

They are simple to use and all the readings necessary during a dive are accessible with just a few clicks. Oceanic also wants you to focus on enjoying the underwater world, wrecks and all the wonders nature has to offer. That is the driving idea behind equipment that is reliable, high-tech, affordable and easy to use.

Prominent features of the Oceanic Veo 4.0 diving computer, visible at first glance, include larger digits and a 20% thinner case profile, which increase the diver’s comfort. Veo 4.0 incorporates the proprietary Dual Algorithm™. It offers 4 operation modes and supports 3 breathing gases. 

#Dry suit

Kallweit GmbH DRY SUIT

The dry suit, Model XFT-Xtreme, has been designed especially for technical divers. Therefore, in this case Xtreme also means "extreme". When selecting materials, only the best ones were used, providing the user with freedom of movement. Highly flexible Octolaminate® is reinforced at the most critical points (on the knees, in the crotch, buttocks, upper body and shoulders) with Kevlar abrasion resistant. The result turned out to be sensational. 

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Ratio is an Italian brand of computers with a wide range of different models intended for use by both REC and TEC divers. In total, there are as many as 11 different computer models. Did you know that? What's more, the range includes watches!

What do they offer? Ratio brand computers can calculate diving parameters in Air / Nitrox Gauge / Freedive / CCR / CCR + Sensor Board modes, and supports 3 to 10 different gas mixtures (they can be changed during the dive).

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Paralenz is a company manufacturing diving equipment of the highest quality. Everything that comes out of the production line is always tested by divers from all over the world, who share comments on a regular basis, making each product almost perfect. Their main motto is "Made by divers for divers". The team became so well-known due to very quick response to all comments of the equipment users and testers.

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Diving has become simple

When creating the Spectrum mask, OTS was committed to creating a full-face mask for a wide spectrum of divers. And they have certainly succeeded! How is it different from other masks of this type produced in the past? It is almost totally different. The product has been created from the best quality materials, and the many years of experience of the American company caused that the mask has been used almost all over the world. But let’s start from the beginning.

#Full face mask #Guardian

A full face mask loved by the filmmakers 

Surely you have watched more than one movie about underwater flora, fauna and sunken treasures in which the speaker talked to you being under water. It is highly probable that the speaker was equipped with the Guardian mask.

Why do filmmakers use this mask?

#Full face mask


What exactly is a full face mask for diving? Well, the simplest answer is the basic information that such a mask has an integrated second stage. The second information about the mask is also important. Namely, it completely separates a diver's face from external conditions.

But how does it look in reality? Let's review most of the full face masks available.